Ropes & Cordage

Ropes/Cordages are manufactured and readily available in two basic designs or styles: braided and twisted. Both are made & available in different fibers. Polypropylene (PP) twisted yarn are made available in different colors and suitable where high visibility is required. Nylon ropes are the most versatile and because of the immense strength and high inelasticity are favorable for lifting or towing. Cotton ropes are comparatively less durable and mostly used in clothesline. Jute ropes are not a regular item but can be made available on order. The ropes and cords can be made available in any diameter and strands as per the requirement.

Braided is interlocking of fibers to give extra strength to cords/ropes to avoid unraveling.Solid Braided is firm and tightly woven to avoid any unraveling and work well on pulleys.Diamond Braided is comparatively less strong and can be strengthened by filling in the center core. The regular size are 1 to 30mm with different number of strands but any other can be made as per the demand.

Twisted ropes are generally made by coiling three strands together. The rope is coiled in the opposite direction from the two ends to resist from straightening. The rope can be made available in larger diameter thus making it a good medium for carrying heavy loads.

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