Polypropylene Yarn

We specialize in the manufacturing of Polyproplene Multifilament yarns for multiple industrial purposes like Woven Geo Textiles, Industrial & Filter Fabrics, Narrow Woven Fabric or Webbing, Sewing / Stiching threads, Ropes and Cordages, Braded Cords, Safety Belts, PP Mats, Nets & many more...

The PP Industrial yarns are available in Denier range from 200 Denier to 6000 Denier. The different types of PPMF yarns available include Flat (0 twist) Yarns, Twisted Yarns and Intermingled Yarns. Our customer can choose from a wide variety of bright colors produced from the dope dying process to give excellent color fastness. Other features of PPMF Yarns include Climate Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV & Microbial Safe, Low Heat Conductivity and Low Static Electricity.

We are manufacturing our all products using the latest Machineries and technologies giving it superior quality, making it perfect to substitute Cotton, Rayon, Nylon and Polyester yarns.

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